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Concept of Divorce Laws in India

India is a country with multiple religions and each of these religions have their own set of personal laws. Marriage, for example, is a social institution that can be governed by either the religious laws or the secular laws. Similarly, for divorce too, a couple may choose to follow either of the laws they chose at the time of the marriage. This article deals with divorce under the personal laws for Muslims and Hindus and the Special Marriage Act. A major fundamental difference between the two religions from the point of view of marriage is that Hindus view marriage as a sacrament, a bond which they initially felt would have no breaking point whereas Muslims see marriage as a contract between the two parties. Under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, marriage between the individuals is done through registration. Accordingly, the terms for divorce also vary with the laws. This article explains the various types and procedures of divorce under the laws and their implications in a simple and comprehensible manner.

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